Sound of Pass Labs xono preamp in 2 versions

Does the Pass Labs Xono phono preamp in the version with the dual matching chasis sound the same as the older model version with the black colored power supply chasis? There's quite a difference in price and I'm wondering do the two versions use the same parts in their power supply? Thanks
Lornoah, I can't answer for the Xono, but the issue is the same for the Pass preamps. I the case of the preamps I spoke to Wayne at Pass Labs (I have the X1 with the smaller chassis PS). Wayne told me there is no performance or sound quality difference between the two style supplies.

The same PS is used for the Xono, but as this is a much higher gain signal amplifier I can't say if any slight variations in either style would be discernable.
Yes - both the parts and the sonics are the same between the smaller, space-saving power supply and the larger same-size-as-the-phonostage power supply. The difference is the case. Fwiw, on the more expensive version it is a nice case - very thick anodized aluminum; though I can't say if it is worth the $1400 difference.

Many of the photo's you see of this unit show the phono-stage stacked on top of the power-supply. You do not want to use the XOno this way. Separate the power supply as far away as from the main unit as your rack will allow. That's why the power umbilical is 6.5'.

There is a difference between power supplies.I had X1 with old p/s and new matching chassis ps.The soundstage on the old power supply is wider and taller and it's a bit warmer.
After i sold the original X1 i was never able to recapture the magic with a new power supply.A year later i sold it.
I spoke with Pass this morning. The long umbilical cord is supplied as a convenience; there is no sonic difference if the power supply and phono stage chassis are separated or stacked.

Feel free to contact them at if you have any questions.

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I spoke with Pass this morning.

Curious, did they also tell you that there is no sonic difference between the two styles of PS?
Hi Tony,
Well as long as you asked here are their comments:

>>The larger supply chassis allows for a different layout of the components and, although they are essentially the same part-wise, does demonstrate better sonic characteristics, lower noise and a cleaner sound, according to the analog gurus here.<<

I have heard both but not side by side so I have opinion to offer. Please private email me if you wish to discuss further.