Sound of AVR vs. separates

Hey guys!

Probably a silly question - but I am thinking of swapping my Marantz 7011 to the 8802 - I'm currently using a Krell Chorus 5200 amplifier. I have thought about waiting a bit and going to a McIntosh or something similar...

So, here's my main question - will there be a noticeable difference in sound if I swap to the 8802? Or am I just upgrading to have better gear, and having separates w/ dedicated functions? I will have to wait a bit to get a high end processor, but I'm curious if this switch will imrove sound in any way...whether it be sonic signature, volume, clarity, etc.

Thanks again - I'm still  learning all this stuff! Oh, using ML Ethos as fronts, and I am mainly movies and gaming, about 15% (and climbing) for 2 channel music
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@bob_reynolds thanks for the input - i'm also considering the switch because of a 4k pass through issue. when connecting the oppo 203 (4k player) and newer ps4 (ps4 pro), i lose video signal when connecting to any hdmi EXCEPT the front port. marantz, sony, nor oppo has a fix. it just loses video and i only get audio.

the guys at magnolia had recommended considering the upgrade/swap since the pre/pro uses better circuitry, power, etc. 

If you have the space and the money I would recommend you try a separates system for music alone.  Keep your video gear for movies etc. apart from your music system.

Separates are the best way to achieve the best sound quality but it is anything but efficient.  Nonetheless you can have a good time chasing that music nirvana we all lust for.  If you want to try vinyl  start with an inexpensive turntable.  Other sources might be a server and  disc player then through a preamp, to an amp, stereo or mono blocs, to your speakers. Start with an inexpensive cable loom from your favorite bargain cable manufacturer. 
 There you have it a separates system.

If you are flush buy whatever you like unconstrained by budget concerns.

(Then constantly upgrade and tweak your system) 

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it won't even show the home screen of the oppo...literally just goes blank when connected to rear hdmi ports....same cable works on front ports. its quite odd

@ethos4lyfe - have you tried upgrade the Oppo 203 firmware?  I see the following items in the last 2 firmware releases.

Jan 20th release
- Resolved an HDCP 2.2 failure when connecting to an HDCP 2.2 receiver and an older, non-HDCP 2.2 display.
- Resolved a black screen issue with certain UHD titles after resuming playback.

Feb 27 release

- Resolved a black screen issue when streaming 4K content via the player's HDMI In port from Roku and other 4K streaming devices.

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@bob_reynolds yeah i can't figure it out - we have done all factory resets and everything....nothing will work in 4K through rear ports - well, the PS4 has two 4K settings - one will work, the other will not. but connecting to front, it all works. very weird.

oh well, maybe one day i'll get lucky and a fix will happen

Try connecting your Oppo or PS4 directly to your display (completely bypass the Marantz receiver).  See what 4K modes will work.  It could be similar to your Oppo/PS4 not being able to query the final display device for HDCP2.2 / 4K compatibility, like this Oppo bug that was fixed:

- Resolved an HDCP 2.2 failure when connecting to an HDCP 2.2 receiver and an older, non-HDCP 2.2 display.

I'm just grasping at straws here, as Bob indicated it could be new encryption compatibility/communication standards.

Directly connected to Sony works...its quite odd. Thats why Marantz or Sony can't figure out the solution - if the front port works, they ALL should. Part of the reason I'm considering a switch to a dedicated pre/pro...I'm going to try and demo one this week and see if the issue is resolved
Sounds like you got a defective HDMI transceiver/board in the Marantz.
Doubtful - I swapped from a 7011 to the flagship Denon...same issue (same parent company). Then went back to the 7011 because I liked Marantz sound - same problem. Totally different (and new) unit. 

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What kind of HDMI cable do you have between the Marantz receiver and your display device.  How long is the cable?  If it's a really long cable, it could be clipping the square waveforms.  What kind of display device. 

I have had issues in the past when new HDMI specs come out and I needed to replace my cable.  In your case, it could be a bandwidth issue for 4K.  The communication between Oppo and Marantz is fine because you are getting sound.  However, communication between Marantz and the display could have problems caused by an inadequate HDMI cable.

Sorry for any confusion. I'm using a Sony 930d. When connected directly to Tv, PS4 pro works on all 4K modes, as does the oppo.

Connecting to rear of marantz loses video, only receive audio. But connecting to front port works across the board. Have tested w 3 dkfferent receivers from marantz and denon.

If i rememeber correctly, I had the 6011 and if worked. So I upgraded to the 7011 and haven't the issue. I could be wrong though. Either way, marantz has no answer.  

*upgraded to 7011 and have the issue*
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@bob_reynolds i don't think its a cable issue - M & D said that it's possibly an update/patch they need to release. This has been going on for months though, so I'm shocked they haven't fixed it. Very very strange that 3 different receivers have done this...which is why I ruled out faulty motherboard/components. 

If I want to swap to the 7703 or 8802a, its a special order and will take over a month to get here...and there's no guarantee it will fix the issue. So, maybe not worth it. Plus, I don't think I'll hear a substantial enough difference in sound, so it might not be worth the hassle either.