Sound Odyssey "Mods" Are they still in business??

Three companies were indicated as doing mods on the Jolida JD-100A CD player. Versastar, Underwood Hi-Fi and Sound Odyssey. Does anyone know if Sound Odyssey is still in business?? I checked the Audiogon directory, and goggle and came up with nothing. Let me know if you have a link to their website. Thanks
Sound Odyssey went out of business some time in 2006.

I was going to order one of its modifications of the Music Hall CD-25 and had several e-mail exchanges with the owner, Brice Donnelly. At the last minute, I had the chance to buy used unit on Audiogon.

I believe Sound Odyssey ran out of money, and several customers complained on Audiogon and elsewhere on the internet about losing money. I don't know if they ever got their money back.

My impression of Brice is that he was a decent guy who did good work, but couldn't manage the business end. He was also going head-to-head with Wally Liedermann (Underwood HiFi), who had much greater business experience and better connections with manufacturers and distributors. Liedermann also left the design and actual work on the modifications to Chris Johnson at Parts Connection, who already had a fine reputation in those areas from his ownership of Sonic Frontiers. No contest in terms of business model.
Doug, Thank you for the update. In considering upgrading a Jolida JA-100 CD player, I discovered three outlets, Underwood, Verstarr, and Sound Odyssey. But there sseems to be endless options for modifications of CD players. My new quest is validating the claims made by Mapleshade Audio about their modded version of Cambridge Audio Azur 550C. They claim it will outperform players costing 4 times as much including the Rega Apollo and Saturn, and several other top players.