Sound mystery

I have a mystery on my hands and hope you can help clarify things.
I recently exchanged amps so as to experiment with the sound of my system, I achieved better sound from the AMR CDP with the new amp but my LP playback suffered. Why would that be?

The new amp is Tom Evans Linear A (25watts), makes the AMR (Output impedance 150 Ohm) sound cleaner and more dimensional, ETC.

The phono Pre amp is an ASR Basis Exclusive (Output Impedance less than 50 Ohm, sounds flat and a bit sluggish.

The other amp is a Yamamoto 06-3 (4Watts), makes thee AMR sound flat and has less sparkle but the LP playback sound very dynamic and 3-dimensional, gives it more attack on the bass.

My Pre-Amp is a Joule Electra 300 ME, (output Impedance 300 Ohm)
Any ideas?
Check the input impedance of your pre-amp.
Could you have loosened a cable (or turntable ground wire) during the moving of components? If you moved the table (even an inch) check leveling, speed and VTF. Check the polarity on the speaker cables as well as the polarity on the ac outlets. I would think that the output impedience of the new amp remains same regardless of the source, unless the inputs on the preamp (for CD and for phonostage) run through different circuits. Try putting the phooostage into another input on the preamp.
What turntable etc. do you have? Does it really sound worse or just not as good as the CD player now?
I still have both amps, switching between the two doesn't disturb the turntable so it's not a set up issue. I can figure that the added power from the Tom Evans might be breathing life into the CDP but the diminishment in the phono is the baffling aspect to all this.

TT. Technics sp-10
Cart. Dynavector xv-1s
Tonearm. Schroder model 2
Tonearm cable is captive from schroder model2
The input impedance of the joule electra 300 me is 15,000