Sound mutes on DTS mode...

en I watch a DTS ES movie the sound blacks out for a split second every few minutes, why could this be, Dolby Digital performs flawless...any ideas? Thanks Chad

P.S. I have had this happen on multiple movies
What are you using for a dvd player?
Samsung HD841 (I know its a cheapy)
This is what I would try. I would unplug your processor from the wall for 30 min to give it a chance to re-set itself. If it still does it after that I would do the same to the dvd player. If that doesn't work I'd take a real close look at my connections.

Unfortunately, this is a known problem with the Samsung HD841. I think that you need to contact Samsung for the firmware upgrade to correct the problem. I had bought one myself when it first came out and experienced the same problem. Contacted Samsung at the time and they didn't know what I was talking about. Now they do. Many people have documented this problem on the Internet with this model.
Thank you all very much!
I caled level 2 support, no firmware for anything except DVI auto switching, and they claim to never have heard of this bullshit or not?
You ought to email them this.
Peice of shit! I swear to god this was the worst investment I ever made, thank god I dont use it for red-book...this is my second one, PHUCK SAMSUNG!

I thought Samsung support should know by now the problem of the DTS cutting out. Based on what I have seen off the Internet, they should know. Sounds like you had a support person like I did that didn't know a thing. I would ask for the support manager to escalate the call to have it resolved. Based on the other posting, Samsung knows but it seems they are fighting back. I definitely feel your pain. I tried three units and gave up. Thank goodness I bought them at Best Buy who has a great return policy.
I am just gonna use it for Dolby Dig till I can afford a real player

I just went to the Samsung site and here's the link to the firmware upgrade for the 841. I guess the tech support people there really do not know what is going on. Good luck with the firmware upgrade.
Thanks for the linnk, but it is only a upgrade for the DVI input default and nothing to do with anything else, as far as I understand it atleast, but thank you very much.

Didn't realize it was for the DVI input only. Wish you the best of luck with the DTS issue. Good idea to just keep it in Dolby Digital. At least there isn't a problem with that function.