Sound loss/ windows?

I'm building a listening room and trying to balance accoustic properties, sound isolation and ambience. I would like to have three 5'x3'windows but am worried about the sound transimission through the windows bugging the neighbors. My room is 26 x 15 over a garage. The nearest neighbor is a good 75 feet away, but I do like to crank it up, and sometimes jam along with my guitar, well over 100db.
I thought about adding heavy drapes for those "loud" moments. Anybody know how that much window space might affect both internal accoustics and sound transmission?
75 feet away? Wouldn't even worry about it. My nearest neighbor is about 35 feet away from me never had a complaint unless my windows were totally open as were theirs but it was after 10 p.m. and it was really cranked 105+.
You don't want any glass on the sides of your listening room between you and your speakers, because of the nearfeild reflections. If you must have windows on the sides, then cover them with heavy drapes. If you can build your walls out of drywall and on a slight taper this will help reduce the nearfeild reflections.
Place more furniture in your surroundings. If you want good mid high, place more wood, no need acoustic ones, bookshelves can do a good job.

Want concrete sound, place some marble or stone around. But very important is, the back wall of speaker, you must place wood furniture, like CD racks or bookshelves. Otherwise boom boom boom.

my 5 cent view.
My nearest neighbors (on both sides) are less than 10' away, and I don't know if they even know I have a huge system.

I too, have a few windows in my audio room, but most significantly behind the speakers. It is an 8' sliding glass door. (all windows are double pain.) Surprisingly, it doesn't seem to make any difference in the sound quality. I have tried to cover with different materials, but don't hear any difference. ... Surprised me!

Bottom line, at least relating to my situation--->DON'T WORRY.

By the way, my room is 25X15X8 and it is fantastic. I place my system along the long wall. I used Robert Harley formula to see if there are many peaks or valleys in the frequencies, and there are virtually none.

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I wouldn't worry as stated in previous answers above. I recommend the pleated shades in lieu of the drapes for acoustic absorbsion. I have them and they work great.
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I've been worrying about this for quite awhile, whew.
Richard, I origninally thought about putting my speakers on the short wall (15), but that does seem to take up a lot of space, I will probably try both ways for the fun of it.
But having a good 22' run should really give the bass a chance to "stretch out". Just have to try both though.