Sound Lab M1 vs Magnepan 3.6

Since the Sound Lab costs much more than the Maggie, I was wondering if anyone knows what the sonic differences between these two planar speakers are. I am not likely to be able to audition a sound labs speaker easily.
I have auditioned the Sound Labs many times and have owned the Maggies. The SLs have lots more resolution and IMO are not as tweaky in their room placement, toe-in, etc. The Sound Labs throw an enormous sound stage with good tube gear and the HF can be tuned to your preference, adjustable on the back transformer. The SLs have just 1 panel where the Maggies have 3, thus the SLs cannot be bi-wired. The SLs I listened to also included a Tara Air power cord and a Richard Gray power filter on each, extra items not needed for the Maggies.

That said, a properly set up pair of Maggies with a large power amp can provide a great listening experience for a fraction of the cost of a pair of SLs.
Exactly the information I was looking for. Thanks very much.
Judit, if you are anywhere near me, you are welcome to sit in with my group and listen to my Soundlab U-1 speakers. Others in my group have Maggie 3.6, Maggie 20.1, Soundlab A3, and three pairs of Soundlab A1's.

Currently, also possible to compare to ProAc Future Ones, Vandersteen 5's and B&W 800.

The offer is good in the future as well, maybe if traveling brings you this way.
Judit -

I'm a Sound Lab owner and dealer, and I used to own Maggie 3.6's. I listened for a while to 3.6's and M-1's in the same system.

The Maggies are a little more efficient. The Sound Labs are considerably more articulate, especially at low volume levels. I kept wanting to turn up the Maggies to hear the nuance and harmonic richness that was so easy to hear on the Sound Labs. And, as you might expect, the big Sound Labs go quite a bit deeper - but this is a matter of sheer panel size, not electrostatic technology vs ribbon/planar magnetic technology.

The Sound Labs also do something that is extremely rare - they project the same tonal balance throughout the listening room. Very few few speakers do this, although it's a characteristic of live music.

As Blueswan correctly points out, a well set-up pair of Maggie 3.6's share many of the same attributes with the Sound Labs. If there wasn't already a Maggie dealer in my town (New Orleans), I'd be a Maggie dealer as well. The 3.6 is extremely competitive in its price range.

Thanks for the invitation albert. I do travel extensively as part of my job, and would love to listen to these speakers the next time I get down that way.
Audiokinesis, if you ever come across a good deal on a pair of M-1s (it would have to be a VERY good deal), keep me in mind.
Nothing wrong with the 3.6's, I like 'em. A lot. But all I know is when I grow up, I'm going to get a pair of U1's and a pair of good OTL amps. To my ears, the most pleasing sound on the planet. My CLS/SW800 Mini-Statement system will not be missed, which speaks volumes for the Soundlabs.