Sound issues

Here is my current set up. Marantz AV7701, Mac MC205, Oppo 103, PS3, SF Liuto towers, SF Liuto Smart center, SF Toys Monitors (on order), Audioquest GBC speaker wires. The bass is there, but the center seems to be over powered by the towers and missing the highs and mids from the towers. In fact it sounds worse than the set up at the store running a Arcam AV. I have a old Monster surge protector, could that be it? Is it the speaker cables? I'm just at a lost, opinions, thoughts?
leave them playing for a week first(may turn off when going to bed or leave them on quiet)
that's the only problem i see.
other than that i'd take a look onto your mac vu meters and the best way is to have a test dvd-audio source to ensure that the power is distributed evenly and properly onto each group of speakers.
also you can take a loaner integrated amp to check out your mains.
Yes, in part, it is the Monster surge protector. Those products will 'steal' current from your power amp(s).

Take it out of your system and you will hear the difference!
Jafant is correct. The monster surge protector needs to go!!!

is getting a dedicated line an option for you?
Sorry if I am wrong, but it sounds like you are saying the center is missing the highs and mids that are present in the towers. If so, have you checked to see if the tweeter in the center speaker is working? If not, cover the center's tweeter with something like a 3X5 card to see if there is a difference in the sound. If no difference, that tweeter is probably blown.

If the monster surge protector is a problem, it should affect all speakers the same.
This may be a silly question, but did you run the room equalization software in the Marantz yet? When I ran that in my system it made a huge difference becasue the towers were overpowing the center.

You can turn it off if you don't like the programmed response they create. You can likely tweak the EQ settings as well. just a thought.

Dedicated line is not an option for me. I will try covering up the tweeter on the center and see. I ran the audessey, and to me it sounded worse.
Tested the tweeter and it is good. I do notice a hum coming from the speaker when I get close.
Kalbi -

did you remove the Monster conditioner?
change position of your speakers
I have the amp plugged directly into the wall. Monster has everything else plugged into it.
Did you get your problem solved? If not, try DSpeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 room correction for the front two speakers (connect between the amp and preamp) and then run the AV7701 Audyssey on top of that. I use the DSpeaker in this configuration with a McIntosh amp and the Marantz AV7701. The DSpeaker took a 12db, 120hz "bump" out of my room. I had been listening to "mush" for 18 years and didn't know it.
Thank you, the issue has been resolved, replaced the Marantz with the Yamaha CXA5000, replaced the front speakers with SF Cremonas and replaced the surge protector with a Furman.