Sound is better when I stand up?

Why is this? No matter my listening room (large basement with 7 1/2 foot ceilings or small office with 8’ ceilings), the sound is more open and more spacious when I stand up from my listening chair. When I sit, the sound compresses a bit. Sitting, the tweeters are about 5-6" above my ear level. Should I angle the speakers down?

My chair is at the apex of the .83 ratio Jim Smith suggests for getting better sound. I'm about 3' from the back wall and my standmount speakers are 3' from the front wall. 

What acoustics are responsible for this?


....having severe trouble trying to disregard 'AG bukake''s not aligned with how I consider y'all.....

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It is “solution” @asvjerry - As in everyone chucking out multitudes of ideas to try and solve the problem. (Hence it is a shower of things and ideas in “solution space”.)
Maybe I should have said it is like playing pin the tail on the donkey? (Where we blindly take a stab at it?)
But I like analogies which paint a sort visual description, and i am a visual learner.


In any case I figured it was a head rest of sorts.
And certainly much easier than a new set of speakers that waver the sound opposite of the comb that the chair provides.

But in theory one could use a DSP and inverse comb the FR to make it flat in the chair… If the OP had a DAC with a parametric EQ it should be relatively easy to try… that would be a pretty cool thing to take a crack at IMO.


How is NC at this time of year?
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