Sound ideas.....

Moving into an older [1915] renovated factory.12 foot ceilings,cement floor and ceiling.Sheetrock walls.Going to put in 2"x2"x8'studs and hang wainscoating on them from floor up to about 4'.Wondering if I should put some sound absorbtion material,like Owens-Corning 705,703, fiberglass or just leave as is and use the 2" of air I'll be creating with siding.Been checking out several websites,still not sure.Thanks in advance,Bob
You might want to get a copy of "Premium Home Theater - Design & Construction" by Earl Geddes.

Though video topics are covered, most of the book is about optimizing the sound in a home listening room. The author is an expert in the fields of acoustics (in particular small room acoustics), psychoacoustics, and loudspeaker system design. Included are chapters on psychoacoustics, small room acoustics, noise control techniques, listening room design (you won't have to change you room's dimensions), and listening room construction. The emphasis is on cost-effective ways to put your efforts into things that really matter.

In my opinion, it's probably the best 40 bucks you can spend in audio.

Here's the link:

You also might want to check out Michael Greene`s (room tunes) website. Go to the talk forums. There are some people over there that have their stuff together when it comes to acoustics and room tuning. In fact, I signed up to be a member.
Thanks men.I will dig deeper then,have a great weekend,Bob