Sound Fusion mods for Bluenote Stibbert cdp

Does anyone know if the isolation mods are still available for the Bluenote Stibbert cdp and how to contact them if so?
As far as I know they are no longer made. I had a set and while they significantly outperformed the stock columns, the biggest improvement was doing away with the columns.

Remove the acrylic top and get a set of 4 Machina Dynamica Promethean springs. You can use the bottom acrylic as the bottom part of the sandwich. Simply buy another similar sized platform0 can be wood, acrylic, or...

Using just the player isolate it from the top platform with something like Herbies isocup/balls
Sorry for the sidetrack. However, is Sound Fusion still in biz. I tried their website and the domain is now a site about air conditioning.
They have been out of business for awhile now unless they reopened recently which I doubt.
I had the kit when i used to own the Stibbert and it worked very well.Come to think of it I still have the heavy hat that I bought from them that sat on top of the player which helped as well.

My friend did do a somewhat similar iteration of of Tweek1 and found it worked well.

Best of luck.