Sound Engineering record weight

Michael fremer reviewed the Mystic Mat in conjunction with the Sound Engineering record weight (a stainless steel outer ring): he didn't mention a price, but the manufacturer has posted the price as $490. Not inexpensive, but maybe worthwhile for some vinylphiles.

Sound Engineering doesn't have a website, but the guy can be reached by e-mail.
Initially, I made the outside record weight for my Yorke turntable and it really worked well! I then machined one Michael Fremer and then one for the US importer of the Yorke turntables. As the result of word-of-mouth and AudiogoN, there are outside record weights all over the world, and the record weight has become an essential accessory for the Yorke turntable!
Because each record weight is machined for a specific customer's turntable, variations is configuration makes the outside record weight suitable for most any turntable.
The record weight works on improving the sonics of playing records in three primary ways: It acts like a flywheel and reduces the ratching effect of the drive motor; it flattens out records much like a vacuum hold down, minimizing the effects of record warpage; and finally it reduces the effects of mico-vibrations by enhancing the coupling of the record to the platter and/or the record mat.
Its ironic that I have spent 20 plus years in the Information technology / computer industry and am just getting a web-site. will be up and running by month's end. On the web site I hope to share information, as well as products, because while products make it all happen, in the final analysis, it's all about the music. In the meantime, I continue to sell my record weight on AudiogoN, the best audio web-site on the web, IMO.
for this price it realy should be made of platinum or gold.
sometimes gold colors signify fassion and wealth. the same may be applied to audio.
Hi Bob,
I didn't realize you were selling on Audiogon when I made my post. I had been talking with 4yanx about the Mystic Mat and had e-mailed him Fremer's article about the mat and your weight. I thought he might be interested in price info so I made the general post rather than e-mailing him privately.

I'm not an owner of this record weight, nor do I know the manufacturer. Let me assure you though that if I understand this concept correctly, and assuming that it works, $490 is a bargain. Such an item would require considerable expertise to manufacturer on a lathe, especially considering that it's not a one size fits all endeavor.

Lugnut-The fact that there are size differences among various tables is an issue but it is not the biggest obstacle. The trickiest part is that the finished cross section of the ring is so slender that even with a four jaw lathe chuck the ring tends to get egg shaped as you do your finish cuts. Very small bites of material is the order of the day which translates to deliberately slow machining to achieve a perfectly round ring. It takes time! I think the idea of an outer ring is a great one and I plan on having one made for my table.