Sound Easy Software

Any recommendations for or against this software?

Any personal experience? This looks like a pretty good program.

Has anyone had the chance to validate the performance of thier speaker virtualy vs reality?

Also, anybody reccommend any other good loudspeakerdesign software?
I have been using CALSOD for several years. I used it to design my current set of speakers and was successful in reconciling my model with measurements of the system, with a few caveats.

I have been looking for a replacement, and am on the verge of buying the Bodzio software (SoundEasy, EasyLab, and BoxCad). It appears to be well thought out, full featured, and (by appearances) easy to use, reasonably priced, and up-to-date (WinXP environment). I have chosen it over the LspCad and Speak packages.

I don't know if my opinion helps, since I have not used the software. All I did was download the manuals and read them (a lot of dry reading!). Like Slappy, I would love to hear from users of the Version 8 software, whether it delivers per the manual.

Reasons I am moving beyond CALSOD:
1) GUI interface desired, and future DOS availability concerns;
2) I could not get very good simulation of box difraction;
3) I have been using CARA for room modeling. I am curious about how SpeakEasy compares, since it also models room response.
4) I have been working with rectangular radiators (ribbon tweeters) and could not get CALSOD to correctly represent off axis response of non-circular radiator (with out using multiple models).
5) It appears that SoundEasy does a good job of handling transfer functions as complex (having magnitude and phase) wheras CALSOD optimizes for magnitude only. I really don't know if this matters in practice, but am curious to learn more.
6) I would like to try using sound-card-based measurements, and EasyLab provides this capability. My prior experience has been with a borrowed HP35670 4 channel analyzer, using floppy disk as interface to my PC.