Sound Dynamics RTS-3 replacement tweeters?

Hi all,

Looked around the web a bit, couldn't find Soudn Dynamics anymore. I'm guessing they're out of biz? Anyways, I have a pair of RTS-3's, and clipped the tweeter diffraction/guard piece to open up the sound a bit.

Unfortunately, it also opened an invitation for my son to push in the domes, to the point they are non-repairable. Can anyone point me to a replacement pair of tweeters?

Thanks much.

Todd - chams_uk
I believe the Sound Dynamics people morphed into Athena Technologies, selling a line of speakers under that name.
Thanks, Slipknot1. I'll send a question. I also ended up finding a possible source on ebay as well.
Here is a long shot, seeing as you feel the tweeters are beyond repair ... you may be able to pull the domes back out with a vacuum cleaner. Turn the vacuum cleaner on, and place the round hose end flush over the tweeter. This may pull the dome back out.

If this works, your back in BIZ, if not, you can't do anymore damage than is already done.

Good Luck, Dave
Thaks, Dave; tried this exact technique (heard of it before). I was able to physically pull the dome out a bit, but the distortion is there in spades. Some internal damage must have been done.

I ended up grabbing a pair of tweets off ebay for $26US shipped, and they are apparently factory sealed....let's hope this is the solution. They should b shipped today.