Sound Dynamics 300Ti - Stand Height.

I appreciate if an experienced owner of the Sound Dynamics 300Ti speakers tell me the optimal height of the speaker stands to use.

The tweeter is mounted 21 inches from the bottom of the speaker. My "ear level" is 43 inches from the floor. As a general guideline, the tweeter should parallel ear level, which calculates to a 20 to 22 inches stand; however, the original stands were only 12 to 14 inches high which puts the tweeter significantly below ear level.

Please tell me your "specific" experience with the 300Ti. I bought the speakers recently and am shopping for the right stand.

Thank you.
I bought a pair for my Dad about six or seven years ago when Audio Advisor was selling them. At the same time, I also bought the 300Ti stands but never set them up, because he has the speakers sitting on low media cabinets.

I would agree with your guideline for stand height, but memory tells me that the stands aren't that tall. Maybe about 18". I can measure them and get back to you.
I used the original stands until one time I had moved to a new home and temporarily set them up on my dining room chairs which was much higher than the supplied stands. When I moved them back to the original stands, there was a considerable degradation of imaging and sound staging. Shortly after I was in the workshop and made a set of stands for them the same height as my dining room chairs - this was several years ago and they still sit there performing magnificently. This height is going to be dependant on your listening chair however so I would use the tweeter at ear level as a starting point.
Hi Aaron. Your old Sota Star gets almost daily use here!

I have used my Sound Dynamic 300ti speakers on Sanus 20" metal stands with excellent results. I have tried lower stands, but I don't think the soundstaging was as good.

Be sure to keep the speakers away from the side walls. The "Pearson rule of thirds" works well for these speakers.