sound dynamic vs, paradigm

Has anyone out there a/b these two? My brother inlaw has the model 20 paridigms and they are great but there are no dealers in the Detroit area that handle sound dynamics,any opinions or advice welcomed, thanks Nick
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I have owned Active 20's, Nht 1.5s, sound dynamics rt3, plus many others. In the under $1000 class, the Soliloquy 5.0s(look for b-stock through underwoodwally on audiogon) are by far the best(competetive with the B&W805s). The rt3 is competetive sounding to the NHT or Paradigm, but has a cheap looking cabinet. I preferred the NHT to the paradigm. I thought it to be better integrated, but the bass was not as deep. I hought the Paradigm tweeter to be a little dry, and not as integrated into the midrange as I would like. I was a little disappointd in them. Do check out the soliloquy, the sound is truly highend, and the cabinets are fabulous. Check out reviews. Good luck, snd good listening!
The Sound Dynamic 300ti loudspeakers, in my opinion, outclass the Paradigm 20's in every way. However, finding a pair of 300ti's on the used market will be difficult. I am pairing the 300ti's with some very high class electronics: Museatex CDD-1 transport, Theta DS Pro Basic II (fully balanced) DAC, CJ PFR preamp, Ayre V-3 power amp.
You can buy Sound Dynamic speakers at the Audio Advisor with a 30 day money back policy. Buy them, and have your dealer loan you the Paradigms for the weekend...then keep the one you like.