Sound distribution amp? Which one?

I am running sonance in wall/in ceiling for my home theater setup and also my whole house has speakers strategically placed in ceiling throughout the house. I have a total of 14 speakers and 2 outside all weather Sonance ALL weather ones. I am running a Denon AVR 4806 for my main home theater now I am in need for a "Sound distribution amp" (according to my tech installer) which I hired to do the wiring and and setup. The speakers are Sonance 622TR's. I am looking for an amp that wont break my bank account as well, lol

Any help would be appreciated...

Rotel. Blows the Niles, et al away.
I would go with the Niles. They have several units to choose from. Some are very expandable, allowing you to have a keypad in each area linked to the Niles head unit.