Sound difference between Revel M20 and Merlin TSM

I am evaluating the possible purchase of one of these babies.
Would anybody helping me to differenciate their qualities ??

I like very transparent sound (not far from electrostats) but at the same time sweet on the edges and splendid soundstage.
That's all
I haven't heard the Merlin speakers but have owned M-20's for 9 months and they sound like they might be just what you are after. I owned electrostatics before the M-20. However you will most likely have to have patience to get the best from them. If the rest of your system isn't to the the M-20's liking,they will let you know. It has taken me about 7 months to get them sounding their best but as they are now they are the best speakers I've owned. Best of luck.
The Revel M20 are very similar to the top 1/2 of my Parsifal Encores, as a result are my favorite under $2k monitors, along with the Spendor S3/1p (for a sweeter sound).
Heard M20 and VSM-M. While I would say the TSM is better (if it sounds like VSM) the M20 would be sweeter.
So maybe conside TSM with a sweeter amp/preamp.
Thaks anybody. Well amp should be OK. I use Goldmund pre+power amp. It is a transparent sound without harsh. A sort of Spectral type, very quick ample bandwith but compared to spectral a bit more tube imprinting.
Tks for further comments

Maybe I will get the M20 as difficult to hear here the merlins
I have not heard the Merlin, but I do own the M20s. Don't buy Revel's stands. They're poor and certainly won't optimize the wonderful potential of the M20s. I put my babies on the Sistrum Mini Monitor platform system. Amazing difference. They're pricey, but worth it. They (Starsound Technologies) have a less expensive stand that is also great. Very interesting design, too. Like nothing you've ever seen. Do their website and speak to Robert. He da man, over there.
I recently owned Merlin TSM Milleniums. I have not heard the Revel M20s but currently own a pair of F-30s. For me the biggest difference besides limited bass (TSM) is the signature personality that the tweeters possess. The Merlin uses one of the finest soft dome tweeters that I have ever listened to. It gets the midrange right, in fact super right. The metal dome tweeter on the Revel F-30 is distinctly metallic but still eminently listenable. My biggest complaint with my TSMs was the serious lack of a bottom end. I have no regrets overall in moving over to the Revels but to go back to the orignal question the comparison is between 2 speakers that have limited bass and of those 2 I would be attracted to the TSM Midrange enough to go with the Merlins. In the long run I realized that for my listening preferences, I needed a more full range speaker despite the superb micro quality the TSMs were capable of. Not a direct comparison but family characteristics that can be compared somewhat. Hope this helps a little.

Oh yeah, forgot to include the fact that when you buy a pair of Merlins you also get a piece of their designer; Bobby Palkovic. This in itself is worth big bucks because Bobby will become your best friend and expert when you have questions regarding his speakers. He is a musician (so is Bill Hooper his right hand man)and he has been incredibly helpful over the years when I have had system issues. I have owned 3 different pairs of Merlins over the years. I value designers that are also musicians because that brings an entirely different spin to the design process for stereo equipment, Bobby and Bills sensitivities to music become apparent when you listen to their products. Merlin speakers are nothing if they are not musical.