Sound difference between Classe CD/DVD1 and CDP10?


Is there any difference between Classe CD/DVD-1 and CDP-10 in terms of sound quality?

Classe is not a big player in video market, Is the picture quality of the CD/DVD-1 much better than the mass-produced DVD player(about $100-$200) in the market? I ordered a Transparent Premium s-video cable, hope to improve the video performance.
I forget to mention I am using Arcam CD72 as a CD player now. Is Classe CD/DVD-1 and CDP-10 a big step up from the Arcam CD72?
I havent auditioned the dvd-1 but I have demoed the cd72 as well as the cdp10.I intended to buy the cd72; I bought the cdp-10. Its well worth the money imo and expanded my beliefs on cd playback. My dealer said the sound difference between the dvd-1 and the cdp-10 is slight.
This answer is outdated by the dates on this post but the CD/CVD 1 was more like the Classe 1.5 and the CDP 10 smoked them both.