sound deadening where on TT Denon DP7F


In the second system I'm using the wife's old TT. I replaced the Pmount AT with an Ortofon OM10, wore that out, now have an OM320 w/fine line stylus. Please don't laugh; it sounds pretty good through my Rogue Cronus.

I have plenty of dynamat left over from an earlier project...tapping the TT during play anywhere on the dustocver or plinth makes it ring like a bell. Where ought I put dynamat to help it out? Take out the plyboard bottom and insert, or under the aluminum platter?

I am having the same issue w/ my Project TT. I would not recommend sticking anything on the underside of the platter that may cause an imbalance. Try some underside of plinth dampening first, and possibly a non-resonant record mat. See if one is avalible for a resonable price online. Dustcovers on some tables are bad for business soundwise I've found.