Sound Deadening

I live in a condo that has less than satisfactory sound insulation between me and my neighbor. I rarely hear my neighbor, but I suspect that they hear me quite often =] . I own the place, so I am not opposed to doing some major modifications (hopefully inexpensive). I found some good stuff at: but I am wondering if anyone else has any other information. Thanks!!!!
You may be able to deaden it in your room(not good)but as the bass waves get further away,they get longer.(longer= louder)You know those mini trucks?Well, the bass ain't nearly as ofensive in the truck.You have to put *tons* of fiberglass in the celing,also between the walls,then,what to do with the bass waves that pass only because the floors are connected ? I'm assuming mirrored image, side by side.Up down not much better.I'm an apt.dweller,let me in on anything that works.
I recently looked for some inexpensive solutions for sound treatments in my relatively, 50-year old home. I was able to buy some very good materials from a local marine supply company in Seattle. They will ship sound proofing materials, so you might want to check them out. Specifically, take a look at the product called "Sonolead", which can be mounted to peg board or similar material to make excellent baffles. I also used another product of theirs which is acoustic foam that has a vinyl barrier. Both of these products are essentially mass-loaded, constrained layer materials. Here is the URL for the company in Seattle (HamiltonJet), plus two others you should explore: 1. 2. 3. Hope this helps.
F. Alton Everest, "Sound Studio Construction on a Budget", has a lot on isolation, though most of it may be advice for building, not for modifying. But it's a great reference for all kinds of acoustic treatment. I'd give it a try. Maybe your local library can get it for you, interlibrary loan.