Sound Comparison of an Ayre CX7e vs. BAT D5

Has anyone compared the sound of an Ayre CX7e vs. BAT D5 (reg or SE)? I am looking on the used market for a new CD player

I have a BAT 3iX preamp, BAT VK55amp, Vandersteen 2ci speakers. I like a warm natural open sound. I am not looking for anything to be exaggerated or clinical for example. I listen mainly to classical and vocals.

I own a CX-7e that was just upgraded to the MP, but have never heard the BAT. I am posting only to recommend that you shoot for a CX-7e with the MP upgrade if you decide to go that direction. I can't imagine anyone regretting buying and owning one.
I owned the Ayre CX7e and now own a BAT VK-D5SE with superpak. In an all BAT system (such as mine and yours), the BAT is a no brainer. I noted better instrumental tone and texture, better soundstaging, and a less clinical top end vs the Ayre. Some people have described the BAT player as dark, however. Make sure you get a newer model that is 24 bit (should be sticker on the back). There is a regular version, the SE version, and SE with optional $2000 superpak. This player has been on the market for a long time, and is criticized for its "old technology." However, if I am not mistaken, the burr brown chip in the BAT is used in the highly regarded current Naim CD players and some Esoteric CD players. If you buy second-hand, ask for the serial number and check with BAT on date of manufacture. The unit on audiogon with the superpak looks old to me, as the color of the faceplate does not match the tray.
Go for an Esoteric. I have heard both and the low end DV-60 (which puts your dollars towards a DVD player) easilly bested both. Rig was very revealing, B&W 800D, Classe Omega, Tara Labs The One. Just too digital for me.

Of course, thats just my own two ears speking.

Thanks for pointing this out to me. I will certainly consider this if I go the Ayre route.

thanks for the input and the advice. I wasn't aware of this information.

I have heard the D5 with my setup and it sounds fantastic. I considered the Ayre for I had heard so many wonderful things about it and wanted to cover my bases before purchasing anything.

Thanks for pointing out the miscolored tray. I am wondering if that is a repair for I have heard that some people have had problems with the trays on the D5.

Regarding the Burr chip I think SimAudio uses it in their Supernova player as well

thanks for the suggestion of Esoteric. I had not heard of it and will certainly give it a listen. I didn't realize that Esoteric was a division of Teac.

When you said low end. Do you mean low end of the esoteric line?
Yes. Lower priced of the Esoterics.