Sound changes

Hello, guys.
Please tell me if sound change a lot if I change interconect cable from Van den hul ultimate the first to MIT Shotgun S1 or MIT Terminator Vts1 and speakers cables stays the same (kimber cable 8tc). I do not want change speakers cables to gigher level because of its large diameter (like kimber monoclore or MIT). All those high level cables have large diameters and in my small room they do not looks very good. Instead of this I decided to keep speakers cables and change interconect cables to high level.
I have integrated amplifier Musical Fidelity A308, CD player also Musical Fidelity CD 308 and speakers B&W signature 805.
Thank you for all yours prompt answerees.
Does your room have an attic just above or a basement just below? You can route cables accordingly. It it is a rental unit that you live in, cut a small hole just above the baseboard and then thread down. You can putty things when you move out. Also, if the joists run in the same direction of you cable-run, you can 'fish' a greenstick along and grab it...hook the other end.
Do not expect the sound to be changed a lot.

High level cables have a large diameter so they look like high level i.e. to be different from generic speaker wires but in reality offer almost the same performance.

High level cables won't mean it's the right cables so whether you will experiment with higher or lower price it doesn't realy matter.

Wage the cable upgrade prices v.s. matching power amp to bi-amplify your system that may bring much more changes.