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Recently my wife replaced my beloved shag carpet in the living room with a thin one and sound became cold and noisy. When I return the old one sound is warm and quiet again.
Any solution you know of ? Any product exists that can be put under the carpet that is not too thick for She Who Must Be Obeyed to complain about ?


I'm in the process of convincing She Who Must Be Obeyed to do that with a small mobile shag carpet that was found to resolve the sound issue and will be stored away when I'm not listening to music ...
In parallel, I'm also looking for a permanent solution under the thin carpet ...

In parallel, I'm also looking for a permanent solution under the thin carpet ...

not sure how you plan on putting something under the carpet as you would have to pull up the carpet and pad from the tack strip and then have to re-kick the carpet so its tight again.

Assuming this is a new area rug and not wall to wall, I would find a piece of foam carpet pad at the big box stores. Have it cut to size just smaller than the new rug by  a few inches, and place it underneath. The extra padding could help.  And it won’t cost you much to give it a try. 

Meet her in the middle with a rug that's halfway as thick as your shag carpet and twice as thick as her thin one. If all it took was going down in thickness then coming back up some should do the trick.

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You can often compensate for missing room treatments in other locations.

If that was the extent of your room treatment, get wall mounted and ceiling mounted panels.  GIK makes some Art Panels that let you have anything you want printed on them.

@triskadecaphobic Although I haven't seen any deep testing/analysis to prove it, I've read that natural fiber rugs are absorptive, while most man-made fiber rugs are reflective and don't help much. Perhaps a natural fibre rug in whatever thickness works for you both will do the trick. 

If you're more interested in "using a pair" than "growing a pair", ask her to pick one out that meets your need. ;-) Cheers,


+1 sbank, a natural wool rug will absorb better. I've been told that by a recording engineer. He recommended hanging a wool rug behind my speakers (it vented out the back) to keep the sound from transmitting down to my neighbor below me.

It did the trick.

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I use Oriental heavy wool rugs… they are extremely dense and therefore absorbent… beautiful, and relatively thin. Shop with your wife. You can see some of mine in photos of my systems. 

I've used wool in the past effectively, but enjoy my crazy sheepskin rug now. Also pics on my system page. Cheers,


Divorce can be a dual edged sword. While you may be able to put anything in any room you may not be able to afford anything… or a room.

She Who Must Be Obeyed above will let OP keep the gear but may take the room!

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Early on my significant other and I got on the right foot… the home theater was her’s and the audio system was mine. I would buy her a new, really nice surround processor, or state of the art DVD player before I would buy something for my system. She could hardly complain about me upgrading my system after I upgraded hers. You just need to think like a female… not one of us stupid inept males.


Thin carpet vs thick carpet.

The Captain in me thinks two nights in a row of carpet burns...boom, soft thick carpet is in your horizon.


I got to keep my old dense shag carpet. I put it on when I listen to music. I grew a pair :-)