Sound Card Xtra-Low Frequency Response

I'm looking for sound cards or USB/Firewire audio (pref) for use with laptop/desktop PC.
I need two separate soundcards for separate PC's to perform functions as follows:
1> Analogue signal input (1 channel) in the frequency range 5Hz to 45Hz for signal processing in a PC.
2> Analogue audio signal outputs in the same frequency range(ie 5Hz to 45Hz). I need 6 - 8 individual channels out that can be controlled seperately by software such as Cycling 74's 'Max/MSP' package.
I'd been thinking along the lines of a 5.1 or 7.1 type soundcard for the 2nd purpose - but it's all down to frequency response and channel discretion and I'm having trouble searching.
Anyone have any ideas?