Sound Better w/Amp Directly Into Wall Then Thru Zero Surge

I’ve been breaking in a Pathos Classic Remix. It’s lovely at small things, but when things got complex, the soundstage flattenned, the sound compressed, and the top end got sort of hashy.


When my last amp and speakers got fried from a surge, even when plugged into a Shunyata Hydra, I decided I needed some more serious surge protection. I was directed to a Zero Surge brand protector. I have been plugging the Classic Remix into the Hydra and that into the Zero Surge.


My previous amp, a Unison Research Unico was quite improved going through the Hydra in terms of the sound, but, again, that was going into the wall.


With the Classic Remix plugged into the Hydra (and the Zero Surge), I decided to plug the Classic Remix directly into the wall. Immediately there was an improvement with the dynamic bloom and lessening of the harshness when the music got big.


I’m wondering how much the Zero Surge was reining in the dynamics? I need to try comparing the Hydra directly into the wall with the Pathos plugged in, as well as trying to plug the Zero Surge directly into the Zero Surge. But, boy, it seems as if something was limiting the current to the Pathos.


But I have heard that some manufacturers say to plug their apps directly into the wall. How do I protect my equipment (without going to crazy expense)?


One other thing - I called Zero Surge and Jim, the guy I spoke to, told me that there's nothing in the Zero Surge that would cause it. "It's just wire", he said. 


I know Nelson Pass likes direct plug in for his equipment. Any good amp will regulate the voltage itself and shouldn't need a conditioner.

It’s just getting in the way. You’re hearing an impedence of sorts to the power available. If it sounds better without, you know what to do.


I am a Shunyata fan. I’ve had the original Hydra and Tritons 1,2 and 3. Each time I update my power conditioner, I plug my amps into the Shunyata to see what happens. Each time, the sound is less powerful and more restricted than if I plug the amp directly into the wall.

I plug my entire front end into the Triton .

I've never had a ZeroSurge or SurgeX.  I have used Furman conditioners with LiFT and SMP and in dense apartments it was always better with them than without.

Yes, then the question is, how do I protect it from potentially frting without worsening the sound?


The power strip with no filters will protect it with no worsening to the sound?