Sound Barrier...

I'm looking for some VERY effective sound barrier material, preferrably in a light beige color, that I can cut to size and staple-gun it to the ceiling. Cost is an important consideration as well.

I need to cover ~150 SQ FT of ceiling.

I have searched the web and found MANY options. So many in fact, that I'm left scratching my head wondering which way to go. Please advise. Thanks!
You may find some sound absorbing materials that will reduce acoustic reflections from the ceiling, but none of them will be effective enough to appease your upstairs neighbor. For such a purpose, you will need a thicker, structurally decoupled ceiling with sound deadening materials within it.
I have used the barrium filled vinyl barriers, and z type sound channels and was not impressed for the sever cost.

I have also built a room in a room with double drywall at a lower cost and was impressed. Hang the strips to attach the drywall layer to with wire attached to the joists of the ceiling above. Supper low cost and supper decoupling. Make certain that when you join the fake ceiling with the walls that you don't make it rigid. Leave 1/4" gap and fill it with silicone sealer. Then just paint over it. Not as pretty looking at the ceiling/wall interface but works and cost dirt.

foams will not even slow the bass down.


Tread carefully. Some things absorb different frequencies at different degrees.