sound bar help?

I just got a martin logan motion vision sound bar and I'm getting a odd noise out of the left side of it and wondering if this is normal or not. here is a audio clip of what I'm hearing other then this noise that I only really here when nothing is being played the motion vision sounds great.thanks in advance for your thoughts
this does not sound right to me. I run a quality sound-bar on my "B" set-up without any issues or quirks.

consider returning it for a new replacement kit.
It sounds to me like your soundbar is picking up outside noise from either the electrical circuit, other wires or power cords, bad outlet strip? Can you plug it into another power socket? or wall socket? Also, are the cords twisted around other cords? Are their lamps with rheostats (sliders for dimming) Lamps that have dimmers are horrible near audio systems. Regards,

Matt M
In my Home theatre room there is a ceiling fan that runs off a wireless dimmer. I was using a Ps audio duet for power but did try other outlets in my house. this sound was recorded right against the bar. At around 3 feet away I can't here the sound. I tried a outlet in my kitchen and the sound was lower then my main room which seems odd me as stuff normally in a kitchen cause power line noise.