Sound bar

"You can keep 'em"




+1 fuzztone! Soundbars are a stupid idea! A properly placed pair of front speakers is all that is required! Just another marketing ploy to get people to spend more.

Disagree, there are a few soundbars out there that do a good job of atmos while also providing a sub output. Depends on the bar.

I recently purchased a Sonos ARC sound bar and it's anything but a stupid idea, particularly in light of room variations and seating positions. In fact just the opposite!

With 21 speakers and 11 onboard class D amps this sound bar will fill a room with a quality audio experience and do so from any location in the room. Voices are crystal clear for both tv shows and movies and it has the capability to play music directly from the Spotify phone app without turning on the tv.

Based on my experience I highly recommend the Sonos ARC sound bar.

Sound bars are a compromise.  Far lower sound quality than something like a decent 5.1 system but takes up far less space, fits under the front of the TV, and is a lot easier to set up.  Although I’d never get one I can see the point for many people who aren’t audiophiles or want a simpler, cleaner look in their space.  Different strokes…