Sound anchors for Thiel 3.6?

Should I buy the Sound Anchor stands or continue to use the spikes that came with the speakers. They are on carpet in a large room. Thanks!
I recently purchased Audiopoints for my Thiels and what a difference they made. Thiels are known for the soundstage they produce, however with the Audiopoints it added more depth and height to the soundstage. The bass became tighter also. Hope this helps.
Ditto to Irish65, same results for me.
I went from spikes to cones to sound anchors. I overall preferred the sound anchors- full bass, a little more midrange. Maybe euphonic, but I still preferred it.
I am considering the same option for my 3.6's, so if you don't mind, I'd like to tag along for the ride! ;^] Mine are on carpet also, but my room is on the small side for these speakers, though it has many openings leading out of it, so it behaves like a larger room (major bass-loss).