Sound Anchors Floor Bases

Does anybody on here use Sound Anchors cradle type base for the floorstanding speakers? If you do, could you please comment on them? They look pretty solid and sturdy (nearly 40lbs!), but I couldn’t find much feedback from the users. I am thinking about purchasing them for my Joseph Perspectives. They are not very heavy speakers, so I am looking to improve the stability and (hopefully) the imaging.

Thank you!
I have used their stands in the past and currently have them on a set of B&W 804s that are not in use at this time and love what they added to the sound in each application but please note, that on my 804s they are a T type base with 3 spikes and I would not consider them more stable because of that. Enjoy the music
Thank you. I’ve own Sound Anchors bookshelf speaker stands before, I had a pair of four-post stands for the Pulsars that I used to own. The stands were massive and rock-solid stable. Pulsars blossomed having a support like that. They sounded unbelievable, any type of music, even non-audiophile recordings. That’s why I actually decided to upgrade to Perspectives. Unfortunately the outriggers that Perspectives rest on don’t provide the same support, so I was looking into adding a Sound Anchors floor bases, the cradle type.

The Sound Anchors for the Eminent Technology LFT-8b are all but required for that loudspeaker. ET in fact stocks and sells the SA stands. The SA for the Vandersteen Models 1, 2, and 3 are also.

The one speaker brand for which there is a superior stand is Magnepan; for them there are the Mye stands, which brace the panels not only on the bottom, but also 2/3 the way up their height.

Thank you. Yup, I saw on the Sound Anchors’ website that they make custom stands for B&W, Magnepan, Magico, and Harbeth.
Very happy with my SA Bases on my Aerial 7B’s which for those speakers are a must as they’re narrow, tall and heavy. Very well built, heavy and the ones on my speakers protect all four sides off the floor from the vacuum and etc. One would have to really try hard to knock my speakers over now, but without the SA’s it would be extremely easy and I’d be afraid besides the speaker being damaged a person could get hurt if on the other side. Lastly they did improve things as well. Well worth it.
I used Sound Anchor cradle bases with a pair of Silverline Sonata's and they did the trick.   I currently use their 14" four post stands with Harbeth M-40.1's.   Bullet proof product and highly recommended. 
Used cradle bases on B&W M803s and on Aerial Model 9s.  Currently using signature stands for Aerial LR5s and also have their amplifier stands and an equipment stand.  Great product and great people to deal with.  The cradle bases will definitely add stability and should reduce vibration and add clarity and bass depth.
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