Sound Anchors and Magnepan

Thinking about buying a set of Sound Anchor stands for my Magnepan 1.7. Do they improve the sound? Thanks!
The sound anchor stand DOES provide an improvement over the stock feet, but supports the 1.7 at only it’s bottom end. The Mye stand, made in Canada, has left and right-side bars that extend about 2/3 the way up the panel, anchoring the panel to the supporting base to prevent 1- flexing of the 1.7’s MDF structure, and 2- front-to-back sway of the panel.
I've happily had many pairs of Maggies, and bought Mye stands for each set.  A huge improvement in bass and imaging.
I've never actually seen or heard what the Sound Anchor stand can do for Maggies, however, I do have the Mye stands on my 3.7's and they were worth the wait regarding supply and demand and the fact that they are back ordered. A great improvement!
I had owned Magnepan 3.6 for eight years. never bought the Mye stands.. Now I own 20.7 Maggies.. no Mye stands.            
I do not want more bass... LOL           
Your need may vary.
I added Mye stands to my 3.6s when I bought them 12 years ago, the best upgrade money I have spent in terms of sonic improvement versus $$ expended.

Check out the planar asylum for more thoughts as we all have different perspectives and ears.

I have 3.7i's and was thinking of Mye stands but spoke to someone who owned them that said they were a complete waist except for possibly extremely high volumes but even then....
@johnto that might have been based upon their speaker placement, or room acoustics. I’ve not heard Mye stands on Maggys that did not make a significant difference.