Sound Anchor Stands...worth the money?

Just put Nautilus 802's in front and 804's for rears. Would these stands make enough sonic difference to warrant the investment?
Great stands, if they are in fact great, will make a very significant difference in your system. That being said, read my review on the Sistrum Mini Monitor platform system. Starsound Technologies have other speaker stands as well that will lift your system to new levels. Call Robert, over there. He be da man. He'll set you free. If you do buy the Sound Anchor stands, don't fill them with lead or sand. After you get on with Robert, you'll understand. My review will give you some more info about resonance transferrence as opposed to isolation. Hold off on those stands 'till you have all the facts. you can email me on the side for more info. peace, warren
They are a must have with my ET LFVIII's. Cost aobut the same as a good power cord and will contribute more than any other "accessory" I've come across. Highly recommened! Jeff
You'll be extremely satified with the build quality of Sound Anchors. I use a center channel stand and an amp stand that they custom built to my specs. I'm thrilled. I feel that I got my money's worth. Let's face it. A lot of components sold to the "high-end" crowd are over-priced and very cheaply built. Some of the racks and stands that I've seen selling for over 500.00 are of low quality. Others while extremely well built, are over-priced. Billy Bags comes to mind. All of my stand and rack needs will be served by Sound Anchors. I'm that happy with my purchases. Sound Anchors is a breath of fresh air after all of that cheap sheet metal junk that I've purchased because I was unaware of Sound Anchors. Lastly, they were extremely helpful. I gave them the measurements for what I needed. Sound Anchors then e-mailed me an exact diagram of what they would be making for me. In about 10 days, I had the amp and center stand. Perfect. As for whether stands improve the sound of your speakers, I would say it is extremely likely. I have found that if you have carpet, just extra long spikes greatly improve the sound and not just in the bass. Speakers seem to "open-up" when gotten up and off the floor.
Instead of an anwser, I have a question. I understand that if one had wood floors or a suspended floor how Sound Anchors would benefit. Is my assumption correct in that if one had a concrete floor under thick pile carpeting or throw rug, that products such as Sound Anchors would really not benefit those situations? Like most I'm always looking for the next tweak to make an improvement.
How expencive are sound anchors?

After reading bulldogger's response im intrigued. It would be nice to have something custom made.
I have used both standard B&W 803 SA stands, and custom made SA stands for my Alon V's, in both cases a great product; adds mass and focus across entire frequency spectrum, and protects the bottom of your speakers from vacuums, etc. Great people to work with, especially on the custom stands.
If your stands have coupling points on the bottom, it really doesn't matter what they couple to, as long as it's mother earth. They'll go right through your carpet into the concrete. Don't have coupling points? Get 'em. peace, warren
I too can attest to the folks at Sound Anchor I bought a new couch for my dedicated theater room leaving my surrounds below the level of the back of the couch, after extensive research into wall mounts "argghh" I fortunately stumbled apon sound anchor called them up and with their help designed the exact stands that I wanted. They arrived in a timely fashion with a build quality that I had only dreamed of securely packaged and easy to assemble at 90 lbs a stand and 50 lbs of sand each they did the job perfectly. I never thought much of the sonics of my Thiel scs-3's until the sat on top of these stands now I understand the merits of surround sound audio previously I just did not get it but now I see. Sound anchors highly recommended
Islandflyfisher, raising speakers off heavy carpet or rugs will improve the sound. I was under the same impressiong which is why it was years before I actually raised my speakers off the carpet. I never even bothered to use spikes as I figured my speakers were so heavy that there was no need. Boy was I wrong.
Slappy, I paid 300.00 for the center channel stand. The stand that I have is adjustable for height and angle and has rubber pads.My center channel is heavy at 50lbs so I need a sturdy stand. The other reasonable price stands were wood and fixed height or cheap sheet metal and not so sturdy. I still thought 300.00 was a bit much until I recieved the stand. Then, I was extremely happy. My amp stand was 275.00 and just as well built. My wife is very cool and actually bought the center channel speaker for me but is not "into audio". I've tried to keep her input where I can so that she feels "part of the process". She really doesn't care much but just likes the sound. However, one of her rare comments was, "that's nice stuff." She was refering to the Sound Anchors stuff.
I added SA stands to N803's and was quite amazed at the improvement they made. As for SA themselves, I dealt with the owner himself on the phone and he spent time asking me about my exact set up and was in no hurry, a real nice guy, and they were having a little Christmas party at the office when I called.
Not only are they worth the money, Sound Anchors are one of the best buys in all of audio! As close to a no-brainer as it gets.
In my case I was very impressed with the Sound Anchors. I have a pair made for the Thiel 3.6 speakers.

I started with some Sistrum SP004's. They (compared to the factory spikes) seemed to provide a lot more low-level detail, subtle decay of instruments, and more precise depth in the soundstage. However, they seemed to lessen the impact of the bass. Since they fit inboard of the plinth of the speakers, they also made them quite tippy.

I had a chance to move to the Sound Anchors, and overall I really prefer them. The whole rhythm section really comes alive (deeper, more powerful bass, stronger slapping on drum heads, more power in guitar chords). I am probably giving up a little of the subtlety and detail of the Sistrum, but am gaining a lot more in the rhythm section. Overall this is a good tradeoff for me. Either brand is way better than the factory spikes. Hope this helps.

Has anybody tried Sistrum's Audiopoints in a Sound Anchor stand, in place of the stock spikes?
I love my Sound Anchors under my N801's. I think that overall the speakers "breathe" better. They are free to resonate without interacting with the floor and carpet so much. I feel like I am not hearing the floor in my music anymore, just the speaker. I appreciated the capabilities of my speaker much more after the stand upgrade.