Sound anchor stands for B&W Nautilus 801's?

Do the Sound Anchor stands for B&W Nautilus 801's enhance the overall sound or would I be better of with room acoustics? My room seems to be fairly dead except maybe for the top end. They are currently being driven by Bryston 7B SST mono's. The pre is the CAT Ultimate MkII. I am in the process of tweaking my system and before any more $$$'s are spent some help with this decision would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
First of all, I must admit I have not auditioned B&W 801's with and without Sound Anchor stands.

However, I currently own four Sound Anchor stands and previously owned half a dozen others. Based on THOSE experiences I would heartily recommend them for your B&W's.

Can't imagine they would not make a nice difference and the price is certainly right.
I second Albert, based on my experience with Triangle Antals (floor standers) prior to- and after installation of Sound Anchor stands. Fuller and more defined bass, better defined soundstage.
I know that sound anchors made a difference with 803's and signature 805's. I'd have to imagine they would do the same for the big 801's..
They made a big difference in my N802's when I had them, better definition and tightness on bass, would imagine they will do the same on the N801's.
I certainly appreciate everyone's opinion. It seems as if they are a winner with you all. As Albert Porter stated they are at the right price, and a tighter bass would be great. Has anyone by chance experienced the ASC tube traps and flat panels? Thanks for all your input...Joe