Sound Anchor stands for B&W 803/804

Has anyone tried the Sound Anchor stands on B&W 803 and/or 804's? If so, what were the results?
What do you think the chances are of finding someone who has those speakers with Sound Anchor stands? And which stands.(model)?? I'm sure you're talking a four poster. At least I hope so. Now for the good news: Go to the Web site Startechnology. Give them a call and ask to speak to Robert. Wait to you hear about their new stands.
MISTAKE IN PREVIOUS POST oops!, sorry, that's starsoundtechnology. You are going to be very happy...
Chances are better than you would think. If you want to call Sound Anchor their number is 321-724-1237 Florida time. I believe you would talk to Robert in regards to model # SDA 804N for the Nautilus 804. I highly recommend the stands, they raised the speakers 3 1/2" off the carpet and really improved the bass. Would think the same effect for the 803's could be expected; you see a lot of the old 801's with Sound Anchors! Just my opinion, Charlie