Sound Anchor stands/B&W 802N/tweeter height

Has anyone compare 802Ns on and off the Sound Anchor stands. My ear height is around 42/43". The Sound Anchor stands would raise the center of the tweeter on the 8o2N to the 47" range. I've looked around but can seem to find any user information. Any experiences and/or insights would be greatly appreciated.
I fail to see a reason why a 154 lb floorstanding speaker would require a stand. Raising the speaker almost 5 inches would make the tweeter too high. I've used the factory spikes on mine and feel that small rise is even too much. They are sited on their ball bearing feet for now.
I am huge Bob Warzalla fan (Sound Anchors) and they were required equipment with old 801/802 as well as Nautilus up to 803 series (I sold B&W for 6 years through Nautilus roll out).But Rhljazz might have point.Newer 802/801's need them less.Yet extra mas under speakers never hurts with wood floors.I might try paving stones first to minimize rise as rule of thumbs you want tweeter directly on axis with your ears as I am sure you know.Will a local dealer give you trial???
I owned 802s for 5 years. When I first got them I always felt they wanted to sit up a little higher. Call it intuition. I had some Sound anchor stands made which raised them about 2-3 inches. The tweeter didn't change much but the lower end tightened up, and the overall sound became smoother and more refined. I can't tell you why this happened. In my room they were about 24" from the rear wall and the floors were maple with a large area rug. I'd suggest you try it, but I think those stands were about $500.
Solda, have you tried the factory spikes? You might prefer that setup. It has its plus and minus points.
The front of the room is engineered hardwood over concrete. The rest of the room (the majority) is carpet over pad. The 8o2Ns are 93.65" into the room, 57.82 off the side wall. I'm sitting 124" from the speakers. The closet high-end dealer is many hours I'm kind of on my own. Thanks for the help.
Solda, since you have a wood floor, take a look at They have a spike kit for the N802 and some discs that you can use to protect the floor. I have not tried it. Maybe you can try it and report back.
Those caught my eye, when I got the fall issue but then I saw the price. $1160 plus shipping for the megafeet version...yikes. Maybe they'll have a sale.
I used the Sound Anchors with the 801n's. The speaker with the anchors is 100% improved with the stands. I found that I had a new respect for the cabinet design as the speaker seemed to be more free and natural sounding as well as tuneful. The stands should just come with every pair of 801n and 802n's from the factory.