Sound anchor amp stands

I recently bought a pair of Krell FPB-250Mc. Currently I place them on the floor, I wonder whether there would be any sonic improvements if I use a pair of Sound Anchor stands ? Or how about just put the amps on end tables ? Any Sound Anchor users here please comment. Thanks.
it's worth getting any amp off the floor, if only to promote air circulation/cooling. i used a sound anchor in the past but have recently chosen a zoethecus amp stand in its stead. my amp is quite heavy and has hollow legs into which furnished spikes may be inserted. the zoethecus stand uses a shelf constructed as a multi-layer "sandwich." placing my amp on the zoethecus lowered the noise floor . the sound anchor did not do this, which i guess was due to the spike-to-metal contact between the amp and stand. the sound anchor did not, however, produce any perceived detriments in the output quality of the amp.
Newbrie, I do not have experience with Krell, but have used Sound Anchor stands under my last 5 pair of amps, and currently with my Atmasphere dialogue amp in my surround sound system. I agree with Cornfed that it is worth getting the amp off the floor, even if you don't believe that there is a performance gain. In my situation, there was always an improvement, and the amount of performance gain is controlled by the type and design of the spikes under the Sound Anchor AND by what you put between your amp and the Sound Anchor. Some of the choices for either or both positions, that all sound different from each other (and different than nothing at all) are: Black Diamond Racing, Mod Squad Soft Shoes, Walker Valid Points, Iso Bearings, Goldman Cones, Simply Physics, Vibra Pods, Audioquest Sorbothane, Roller Blocks, and Mod Squad Tiptoes. Yes, I own all these feet, and I still cannot tell you which will work in your system. It depends on the amp, your foundation and floor, the placement in the room and many other variables. Please do try the Sound Anchor stand, and experiment with as many different feet as you can borrow or buy. If I had only one shot at trying a Krell with Sound Anchor, I would use the Brass spikes Sound Anchor has available between the stand and the floor, and Mod Squad Soft Shoes between the Krell and the stand. Let us know how this turns out.
Thanks for the responses. I'm very impressed with the list of 'feets' Albertporter tried. Can you tell me where you bought them, and their costs ? I know the dedicated Sound Anchor stand for my Krell is about $250 each. Thanks again.
Newbrie, I do photography for the audio business, so I know many of the importers and manufacturers. Over the years I buy from CES or from friends, and I usually do not dispose of feet that do not work "right now." There always seems to be a place for them eventually, as different pieces require different treatment. I am currently using under (all combined) equipment, Mod Squad Soft shoes, Black Diamond cones, Simply Physics Delrin and Stanless Steel Spikes, Walker Valid Points and Iso Bearings 2.2. I currently cannot use the Mod Squad TipToes, Roller Blocks, Goldman cones or Vibra Pods. But next week, I may change a piece of equipment and have to re evaluate.
albert: tho i don't do photography of audio equipment, as you do, i also have collected a whole drawer full of various feet, cones, balls (as in bearings), etc. over the years. maybe we should throw all this stuff together and hold an audiogon garage sale. (now that i've written it, intended in jest, i think this might actually be a good idea; i know some audio clubs have these kind of sales.) *** BTW, for those new to this site, albertporter's photos are true works of art. one of my favorite recent images (the benz cartridge as "guitar pick") is on the "opening page" of give it a look.
Apart from Sound Anchor and Zoethecus, are there any other good makes of amp stands ? How about Target ? Thanks.
Has anyone tried sound anchor stands for speakers? I am looking into having some made for ML aerius i. Should I have them made to accept DBR cones or go with spikes? Thanks,