Soulution vs Boulder vs TAD electronics vs MBL whi

Owning now the Soulutions 700 monos/pre, speakers are the MBL 101 MKII I goes to the Munich 2013 show, and I was hearing many systems, and in my humble opinion, Soulution was a little lean, TAD a little dark and Boulder a little too sweet but at the end better, I recognize that the best system for me was the living voice with Audio note Kondo, but kondo canĀ“t work with my speakers, the second best one was the TAD system and the MBL, I was very disappointed with Constellation with TAD reference one speakers, surprised by how good sounds CH precision electronics with VIVID speakers and with Stenheim speakers(Alumine 2 way) in two different rooms, also Absolare with Altair speakers had very good sound, and in one of my 3 vists to the Magico S5 with Spectral room they also was good, not so in the others 2 visits.

I will be very pleased to know your opinions and advice, based on what did you heard about these electronics(MBL, TAD Boulder perhaps the new series 2100, CH precision, Balabo, never heard.., and sorry and yes the soulutions are for sale and accept yours offers, are 220 located in Europe.
Soulution was a little lean, TAD a little dark and Boulder a little too sweet but at the end better, "

Dude those are some of the best and you don't like?

Really an ad to sell your amp??

Good one Glory, I always enjoy your answers no B.S.
You still have your Lamp dac ?
The best sounding system I ever heard at an audio show was with a BAlabo amp and pre-amp driving Perfect8 Technologies "The Point" speakers. If you thought the amps you mentioned were a little colored in their musical presentation, you may want to listen to BAlabo (which you also listed). If I were in that price range, I would also try to audition the Perfect8 Technology speakers - by far the best I've heard (do some research and check them out). Good luck.

A Lamp to death for me unless there is some major breakthrough in Dac land and then one will have to wait 5 years for the $$$ to drop to buy it.
Maybe its just me, but I have always liked (loved) MBL speakers with MBL amps.