Soulution or CH Precision


I am looking for my next ( and “final”. Nothing is definitive in audio but let’s say long term buy) .
For many different reasons ( including listening session of course) those two brands are the favourite ones but I can’t decide between both. To be more specific: L1+X1+M1.1 for CH P or 725/711 for Soulution.
 Speakers: YG or Magico.
 Music taste: very versatile 

 So far i have a slight preference for the Soulution pre and the CH P power amp...
CH P is more versatile and upgradeable, Soulution is a bit more fuller sound....

Did anyone compare those two brands/models?

i play in that sandbox too; ultra uber Swiss solid state.

if you read the current Stereophile you will read about the new darTZeel 468 mono block amplifiers and 18NS preamp, and the CH P M1.1’s are contrasted.

compared to the CH-P M1.1 you mention the Soulution is a bit more fuller sound, the darTZeel is that direction, but even a bit more subtle and refined.

i own the dart 458 amps-18NS pre and really love that combo. i’m hearing music and not a system or electronics.

at this level it’s preference and not good and bad choices. i figured that review might be helpful. not seen any CH-P--Soulution compare.
Christian Punter at Hifi Advice uses CH Precision as his reference and has reviewed Solution and compared the two. I find his reviews very thorough and helpful.
Thanks for your answers. Indeed Dartzeel is not a brand I put on my radar yet as it is not easy to demo where I live and as I like dynamics and fast transient was not too sure it was meeting the requirement ( I mean their stereo amp not their mono)

regarding darTZeel and dynamics and fast transients, i would say that you have it completely in the service of the music. and that the amplifiers you are considering are 3x or 4x the price of the 108 stereo dart. granted the mono darts are even more costly than the ones you are targeting.

but back to dynamics and fast transients; i would say that first of all, that sometimes perceived speed has to do with something missing or diminished, in a relative sense, that musical completeness is important. and then that micro-dynamic nuance and musical refinement expand the times when you have the musical connection. amplifier-speaker synergy is so important. the speakers you have targeted are not forgiving.

the investment you are considering is considerable. not that i presume to know what gear level you are coming from. but you may also find that a step into this ’uber’ gear level realm expands your musical horizons and even adjusts what might now be so important. i know my musical tastes have evolved with my system and a broader range of music now connects with me that never before impressed me.

i have many visitors to my system who are astonished by how my darTZeel’s can do large scale music with maximum power and slam, but retain their soul and composure. never hard or fatiguing, they flow along with whatever warp 9 music i choose, be it Beethoven or Led Zeppelin.

OTOH so much of the music is in the first watt; and the big darts have an amazing magical first watt that delivers soul and drive in those more subdued musical moments.

at these very high levels of gear it’s overall balance that really delivers.

darTZeel does take a path less traveled. many fewer pieces in the signal path and no global feedback. a more direct musical connection. not as processed. and distribution of darTZeel is more spotty. not sure where you live, but if you can fly to the Seattle area you would be welcome to visit me to hear them.
Thanks for the invitation Mike. You have very probably one of the best system in the world ! 
But i am living in Hong Kong so a but far. I think Dartzeel is represented as they have always a big room at the HK show but not too sure they have a local showroom. Will investigate!

And will give a second chance to Dag momentum. The first demo was very disappointing but it was more due the speakers room interaction.

+1 Christiaan Punter's reviews - I have been following Christiaan for years now and find his reviews interesting and insightful. Plus, he's a very nice person to boot and has been helpful in my audio journey.
EMM Labs has a big presence in Hong Kong and the MTRX mono blocks would surprise you ! The latest version have shipped your way this year ...  if you  arrange an audition for yourself, you would be pleasantly surprised ! They are great amps ! 
I’m from Hong Kong and have compared the soulution and ch precision. Feel free to discuss in pm if you want to. 
Look at Audia flight Stremento preamp and Stremento #4 stereo amp.Top build and sound quality.CH precision is wonderful as well but a bit overpriced.Its good to be a high roller good luck.
Asking here because of the focus on CH Precision....

Does anyone have experience with the C1 Reference Digital to Analog Controller?  Thanks.
I am still very undecided as many gears are not available for home demo making the choice more difficult.
Regarding CH P Dac, with the latest Ethernet board and the X1 power supply it s an excellent DAC with density,soundstage and dynamics.
Without the X1 still a good DAC but no longer a very good DAC.
About 6 months ago, I auditioned Ypsilon amplifier to drive Avalon Isis speaker.

It sounds pretty nice with only missing thing is analog ease.

Both CH-P and Solution amplifier must be one of top SS amp avaiable.

At this  level, it depends on personal preference to choose either of it.

Thus it is up to you to make decision after auditioning.yourself.
moby2004 OP
Speakers: YG or Magico.
Which models as this "could" determine what is best for which speaker.

Cheers George
Unfortunately there are no impedance v phase graphs done on either of those two speakers. So it's hard to comment what sort of amp would suit the best.
All you can do is read all the reviews of the speakers with what amps were used, and make a educated guess. Or take amp to the store to demo them.

The Solution 711 specs will drive anything as it has current to burn even at 2ohms, to me has best grunt into low impedance more than the CH1.1

Cheers George
Thanks for trying George.
According to my reading ( but no measurements indeed), those are not easy to drive speakers but  not the most demanding.( I don’t think they go much lower than 4ohms) I am not listening at ear splitting level and my listening distance is not too long so « raw power » is not the most critical criteria but still important for a long term purchase.
 I have been able to listen to the Soulution YG and Soulution Magico combo. For my taste it is definitely a good match ( at least with the latest Series 7 gen) . Is it « perfect » ? No it’s not ( « surnatural » dynamics sometimes, mid a bit too forward , treble not as airy and refined than some other top contenders) but definitely a combo I can live with and enjoy !
Regarding CH P ( or DAG or Dart) I can’t demo them with any Magico or YG unfortunately so it would be more a « bet ».