Soulution 725 or Robert Koda Takumi k10?


I'd like to replace my Mark Levinson 380 and next week I'm going to listen to the Soulution: I've never had this chance. But what about the Takumi? Have you ever experienced one of those ? What do you think ?


I've heard a few  Soulution based systems several times at audio shows  and can't claim to know the sound of the 725 specifically, just a general feel of the brand's "house sound". 

From all I've read or heard about, the Robert Kodak Takumi is a very special wonderful sounding preamplifier. My gut feeling pushes me strongly in the direction of the Robert Kodak. I hope that you find the opportunity to hear both.



Can you share more details on your complete system and your sonic preferences?

Koda much more musical.

Charles, David and EBM,

I "suspect" that Koda is much more musical then Soulution. @David this is very important to me, since I'm more Musicphile than Audiophile. I listen jazz, pop and classic music. My Mark Levinson 380 is quite analytical and I will try to understand if Soulution is even more analytical (the risk is musicality loss).

Another concern is which is the best fitting solution into my todays HIFI chain: Benz Micro MC, SME V (arm), Michell and VIDA phono preamp for analogic; Auralic aries 2.1 (streamer), esoteric p03 (CD) and esoteric d03 (DAC).

Laudspeakers are the glorious Acoustat X. I know that the new preamp will push me to more changes, especially on the analog side ....

@renatocomes I agree with Charles and EBM...and as you put it:

I "suspect" that Koda is much more musical [than] Soulution.


By sheer coincidence I came by this earlier today...maybe, worth a look:

Thomas Mayer Silver 10Y Pre


That Robert Koda gear is super droolworthy I would love to hear it someday. You have a fun choice ahead of you @renatocomes I hope you have a chance to audition both at that price level it should be a given.

Forget the 725 and the Takumi. Go for the Mayer Silver 10Y instead! What a cool triode tube from way back! Bet it sounds real sweet and musical being a DHT (Direct Heated Triode).

@renatocomes ,

I agree with @jond, if at all a possibility try to listen to them prior to purchase (I know, easier said than done, especially the Robert Koda). Given your additional comments I feel even more sure the Koda Takumi is your better choice.

Thomas Mayer products are custom order projects and heirloom quality (With cost commensurate). He can extract great sound from any tube and certainly from a DHT tube. My line stage uses a DHT (101D) and it sounds exquisite.

Given your described tastes and music preferences the Robert Kodak Takumi 10 and the Thomas Mayer choices would leave you ecstatic with musical joy! I am not dismissive of the Soulution but in my opinion it moves in different sonic direction entirely. Best wishes in your endeavor.



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I don't have experience with any T. Mayer product.  The Koda is an excellent choice.   A Nagra HD replaced the Takumi.


Good luck in your search, 


And yet another would replace the Naga HD with the Robert KodacTakumi 10. The eternal beauty of High End audio, choice.



I have actually owned both preamps. Here is my ads when I sold the 725 and the Robert Koda was sold to a friend of mine.

They sound almost polar opposite from each other. The 725 is much more analytical sounding will the Robert Koda is more romantic sounding. There are both very good preamplifiers but the Aries Cerat Incito S and Aries Cerat Impera 2 preamp are another level in every regard with much better voltage output which helps control your amplifiers better. In my opinion there are levels when it comes to audio and the highest level of electronics we have heard, as a company, and individually is Aries Cerat.


First of all, let me thank all of you for your support: I didn't know brands like Aries or T Mayer. I have the chance to hear Nagra stuff (+ power unit) which costs me the same as the Soulution.

As I said, next thursday I will listen the 725 and you'll be aware of my opinion despite this preamp is not placed in my home.

Very pleased to read your comments.


I have no doubt that the Aries Cerat preamplifiers sound extraordinary. I’ve read/ heard very high praise of their Kassandra DAC and 813 output tubed SET amplifiers.


Nagra and Aries Cerat and Thomas Mayer and Robert Koda. I'm so jealous I just want to hear them all! Have fun with your process renato!

+1 @jond ,

It's been said before  but at a level like this it's all about individual preference and taste. No dog in this group. As a tube guy I'd love to hear the sonic character and presentation differences between Aries Cerat and Thomas Mayer head to head.


That is correct; it's ALL personal taste.  That's the fun / beauty of it all.




Hi all,

I listened very carefully the Soulution 725 with its 711 power ampli. I was very impressed of its precision and analytical reproduction (manly jazz).

The construction is impressive as well as the physical box, wow! The dealer made me a good discount plus took me back the ML.

Next 22nd Soulution will be at home and unless sonic disasters will remain at my home. 

Congrats on your new amp renato I hope you're happy with it for many years!

It appears you've found a solution. : )