Soulution 710 vs vitus ss-101 mk2

Which is the better amp overall, the Soulution 710 or the Vitus ss-101mk2? Comments from experienced users will be appreciated.
I own a 710, but I have never heard the Vitus SS-101 mk2, so I cannot offer a comparative opinion. For what it may be worth, I can state that I am very pleased with the Soulution amp. It is, however, very heavy, as is the wooden box in which it is shipped.
Thank you, Kusina, for your comments. If my memory serves me right, you have commented elsewhere that you quite like Burmester amps. Did you change your Burmester for the Soulution amp?
Yes, I traded in the Burmester for the Soulution. I'm not sure that doing so was entirely rational, since the Burmester is a superb amp. But I got carried away.