Soulution 330 streaming


I am considering a Soulution 330 as my next upgrade. I currently use Meitner MA3 as my Dac/streamer. 

Can I use the soulution 330 with integrated DAC as a steamer (using a upnp app)? if so, I will be able to sell my Meitner DAC and use only the amplifier as a one box system

If anyone had used such setup, please share your experience (connection type, app used etc.). Also if anyone can reflect on the soulution DAC vs the Metner MA3



Just wondering how an integrated amp with a DAC is gonna get you to streaming.

I’d say keep the MA3 for DAC/streaming, and get the 330 without the DAC option. The 330 does not have built-in streaming capability with the DAC option.

I’ve looked at the Meitner, to use as a DAC/preamp/streamer, since it has volume control. It is Roon ready, iirc. "Connect to high resolution streaming services like TIDAL, QOBUZ plus support for popular music services like SPOTIFY, DEEZER, vTUNER etc. UPnP/DLNA support for network and NAS file playback, ROON READY and ROON ENDPOINT functionality plus direct USB audio file playback."

The 330 w/DAC doesn’t have streaming capability. "As befits a classic integrated, the Soulution 330 comes standard with preamplifier and power amplifier sections; as noted, a phono board and/or DAC section are also available as separate options at additional cost ($3500 for the phono, $4800 for the DAC)"