sotm sms 1000 vs wyred 4 sound ms 2 ?

Hi guys.
Has anyone compared sotm sms-1000 (coax output) sound to the sound of w4s ms-2 (or ms-1)? They seem very similar functionally, and are in the same price range. I'm planning to purchase, but can't decide between the two.
Any input appreciated.
Best regards.
Wyred designed and built in the US. Great warranty and service.
Sotm sounds like SOL if any problems or quetions arise!
I have a WFS DAC2 and it is very warm and analog sounding, has a great power supply and acts like a preamp.

You wouldn't be disappointed.
Please post your impressions of the Wyed4Sound should you go that way. That and the Music Vault server, also made in the USA are on my short list. Good hunting.