SOTA vs. Rega, VPI, Music Hall, Clearaudio

Does the SOTA even hold a candle? How much do I need to spend to make a difference? I really can't complain about my old SOTA, do the latest offerings from these other fine companies put the SOTA to shame? Can the SOTA be updated, for a reasonable cost and then can it compete? Thank you! Mark Mendenhall
SOTA is a nice turntable. It is still as good now as it ever was. It can be bettered, but is quite competent. It depends on how much you want to spend, as to whether it would be worth upgrading. I think SOTA has some upgrade paths, and you might like that route. You might find it does as well or better than any of the other brands you mentioned above, depending on make and model.
I love my sota! Simple, clean and quiet. Anything can be upgraded but why bother unless you don't like it-so, try it first.
Talk to the folks at SOTA (Donna and Chris, I think). they are very helpful.
Donna and Kirk are the owners and the people to talk to at Sota.

You never mentioned what table you have, so it's hard to say if another table would be an improvement.

Sota has a great upgrade program. Your local dealer can explain it to you, or if there isn't one around Donna can give you the scoop. is probably the easiest way to get some questions answered. The website even shows some of the upgrades and gives a general idea of the costs.

I have a Star Sapphire which I think is a really good table, but I'm thinking about upgrading to a Nova platter. There are so many options! Don't dump the Sota without investigating first.
Hi, I had a SOTA Star IV with an SME 309 arm and a Grado Sonta cartriage for several years. I upgraded this turntable from a SOTA sapphire mark III, and I must say that I enjoyed both tables quite a bit.

But time has moved on and SOTA has not kept up with advancements in turntable design.

I recently spent some time listening to the VPI scout turntable and in fact bought one after comparing it to my SOTA Star series IV with SME 309 tonearm. The VPI table is better sounding in every parameter from dynamics, to soundstage, to resoultion. Sell your Sota, buy a scout, and save some money. You will not be sorry.
nice post Etbaby and right to the point.