Sota turntable not SOTA,need help.Thanks.

I have a newer Sota Star turntable.I am having trouble getting the belt centered on the drive pulley. The instruction manual says that if the belt is not "dead center" on the drive pulley,repeat set up procedure.What I would like to know is what I can adjust on the Sota table to center the belt, feet, bearing? Thank you.
Call Donna or Kirk at Sota. They will explain anything you need to know. I have had several dealings with them and they are great to work with whenever help is needed. will have the number listed somewhere.
Nrchy is correct. They are very friendly and responsible. Small operation so sometimes it may take a few hours to hear back but they will not lead you astray.
I agree. Call and talk t Kirk. He's very thorough, knowledgable and patient. He can walk you through anything that you are having a problem with. Sean