Sota TT tweaks

On March 3 2006 Sirspeedy recommended a few tweaks to improve the sonics of a Sota TT. I have a Nova and i am interested to upgrading the umbilical cord from the PS to the TT. Sirspeedy if you are out there, do you know where i can find a "better" cord of this type. Any big name cable manufacturers (Cardas etc...) you think. BTW, the sheet of cork under the reflex clamp does make a difference. Other tweaks welcomed........Thanks...
I had a Nova and Revelation Audio Labs was making an umbilical cable for me. To make a long story short, I never got the cable and eventually sold the table. Brad at RAL may still have it and if I recall, it was 8 ft in length and in the $300 price range. He had worked closely with SOTA to make the cable and his work has received a lot of praise here. I am actually getting an I2 cable from him for my digital front end this week. Worth putting a call into him to check it out and he could certainly make a custom length for you based on your needs. Email me offline though Audiogon if you want to discuss further.
Any good cable designer will(should)fit the bill.Make sure it is well shielded.Also,add one or two tiny tuning dots(Marigo) to the top of the clamp.Add three black Diamond racing cones under pump/power housing,and you want a good shelf(I got great results with a Symposium Ultra shelf)under table.
Definitely peel off the felt mat,above the platter.This kills dynamics!Don't even bother to question this!!!Use Isopropyl alcohol to remove the residue,after peeling it off.Then,just brush the platter top,after each listening session,with a soft make-up brush!
SOTA makes really great products,and are really well priced.The Cosmos can easily stand up to the better(as in very expensive)tables out there.BTW,a good after market A/C cord on the front of the unit is also good,and don't run too much hosing,from pump to platter.
Best of luck.