SOTA Total Eclipse Package

I am thinking of replacing the battery operated string driven motor compliment on my Amazon Referenz TT  with the Total Eclipse Package and I was wondering if anyone has done this as a free standing unit for their TT.  I assume you purchased the housing for the motor as it comes without a housing, but would be interested to hear from anyone who has fabricated a housing.  It appears as though the motor, housing, belt, cables and regulator comes to about $1600.

Am primarily interested to hear if the modification worked out to your expectation given costs etc. 

I replaced my HW-19 MKIV motor with the Total Eclipse Package but the motor is mounted on the base.  Well worth the effort and $$ and the folks at SOTA are great. Good luck!
It is a fine arm and has a feature that allows you tilt the arm to refine the azimuth, which I consider to be an important feature. I did not specifically seek out that arm, it came with the TT purchase and has been reported by others to be an ideal match for the TT.  All things considered I have no criticisms of the arm.  I have owned it for 10 years and it has performed flawlessly.  While I have not made any side by side comparisons of other arms, I do have a stereo set up that is fairly revealing (AG Trio horns and Sophia Electric SET Amplifier) and as I said in this set up it sounds great. Hope this helps.