Sota Star Sapphire III with Revel Gems?

Hey guys,

Well I'm still looking for a good table but have aquired a pair of very nice Revel Gems for almost free. They are a pretty revealing speaker and I'm not sure if a Sota Star Sapphire III, with a new SME IV.Vi arm and a cart that is TBD, will work well in my system. I know the cart would be so importand but i'm guessing i'll be upgrading the cart more than the table. Hopefully anyway.

System includes
Revel Gem speakers
Revel B15 Sub
Placette Passive preamp
Krell 400xi AMP
Wadia 7 CD transport
Mark Levinson 30.5 DAC
Transparent Cable

I'm a sucker for Female Vocalists. I also listen to indie music and rock and when the mood strikes some nice Jazz.

Your thoughts would be great!

Dear Russ: As important are the speakers in any audio system as important is the source. IMHO we don't choose an analog source b ecause the speaker we own but because the quality of the source it self.

In the analog case the whole source are: TT/tonearm/cartridge/phono stage: here is where you have to decide on which audio items especialy on the tonearm/cartridge matching combination and the phono stage.

The Sota is a good TT as is that SM;E tonearm. You have to decide which cartridge and which phono stage.
Good that you have a " revealing " speakers because you will enjoy the analog experience in a better way but even if are not so " revealing " I'm sure you can enjoy it.

Regards and enjoy the music,
I've got a series III star Sapphire and it plays wonderfully. They mate really well with SME arms. I don't think you could go wrong with this as a source.