Sota Star Nova V Help.......

Butterfingers (that's me) rubberbanded the drive belt into the murky depths of this macassar ebony beauty. I'm not that familiar with this table and any advice on a rescue mission would be well received.
I have owned Sota's for many years. Star, Nove and now Cosmos. In your case, you will have to remove the platter to get to your belt. This is easy with the Nova. Set the TT on the edge of 2 chairs so you have easy access to the bottom of the TT. DO NOT tilt the TT on its side while doing this operation. Underneath the TT you will see a metal plate with 3 allen screws and the brass fitting for the vacuum hold down. First unscrew the fitting and remove it. Second, remove all 3 allen screws and the plate will come off. Then, remove the platter pulling straight up. It may be a little bit stuck to the sub-assembly so you may have to rock it back and forth somewhat. You will be able to retrieve your belt once the platter is removed. Be careful. It's quite heavy. You do not want to drop it and yes there is not a whole lot of room to grab it on each side. You should take extra precaution and remove your armboard/tonearm/cartridge just in case.
Hope this help.
Smoffat's advice is admirable,but I'm hoping it's a last resort.

I'd first call Kirk of Sota!He's the owner and builder "Extroadinaire",so may have a simpler solution.

Yet,I'd still attempt to shine a high power light into the table,where the motor mount is(this has some addional space to see down into the table).Do this from above,without moving the table,and DO NOT use a two chair approach if needed.That can allow a chair to move and the table will go KAPUT to the floor.

Use the spacing between a two part table,which is more stable.

If you can see the belt at all,attempt to get at it with a tweezer or some kind of little hook(like a knitting hook).

All in all,it's not going to be a big deal,and will work out just fine.

good luck
Many thanks to all who responded.