SOTA Star, Grado Refrence arm and XTZ MKV Cart

Hi all,
I have these items ready to set up with a PS Audio 5.5 with sig power supply or a LITEAudio 1S37 tube phono.
I dont feel comfortable with set up so a friend from AGON is gonna help me get it going, should I expect to be pleasently surprised with this setup? This was all a gift and I am thrilled at the chance of great results, what do you experienced guys think?
The arm is also rewired from Monster and unit comes with Vac pump aswell......I have my fingers crossed tightly!
Congratulations! This should be a nice sounding analog front end once you get it broken in and dialed in. If the cartridge and phono stage have not been played recently, plan on giving them about 50 hours of playing time to break in again, then do a final fine-tuning of your VTA and VTF adjustments (by listening, of course!). The Grado XTZ is a nice cartridge that will really demonstrate its merits on acoustic music, and the SOTA Star is a classic.

What a great gift. You're going to have a lot of fun with this set-up. Hopefully you have some set-up tools to give you some guidance on VTF and cartridge alignment. As Rushton mentions for fine tuning VTF and VTA just rely on your ears.

I owned the Star with vacuum pump which served me well for several years. It's an awesome TT. I had SOTA upgrade my original Star Series III to a Nova Series V just recently. Originally I ran my SOTA Star with a PS Audio 4.5, Grado Platinum cartridge and AudioQuest PT-6 tonearm. I'v since upgraded but I remember how well that set-up sounded.

Best of luck with your set-up.
Try running the table minus the vacuum.The Grado arm is a special unit.I loved mine ,until the hydraulics started leaking.The top-end of the Grado cartridge should alleviate a good deal of brightness/leanness in your system.Happy listening!
Yeah, got to get it broken in there cowboy!
Hi Chad!

Congratulations on the new setup! Now you just need to find a RCM solution that will work for you and you'll be all set.

Good luck,

thanks slot guys, I hope to be able to report something positive ASAP.
Dear Chadnliz: The Sota Vac pump always be a great TT and the Grado Reference tonearm a very good item too ( if I can remember this tonearm was build by Audiocraft. ).

Now, I think that Clio09 could help you with " tips " about the Sota TT and Tpsonic about the Grado tonearm.
Btw, Tpsonic: why are you asking to run the TT with out the vacuum when thw vacuum makes a difference in the quality sound reproduction, for the better ?

Congratulations Chad !!!!!!!!

Regards and enjoy the music.